Nightly News   |  July 29, 2013

Weiner’s support in mayoral race tanks, Dems want him out

Friends of the Clintons say they are mortified, with many wondering why Huma Abedin would let Hillary Clinton get dragged into yet another scandal involving Weiner. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>>> clinton are trying to keep their distance from any associations with anthony weiner whose wife is a longtime hillary clinton aide and confidant and is insisting despite his behavior and a sharp drop in the polls that he is staying in the race for new york city mayor. our report on all of it tonight from nbc's andrea mitchell .

>> reporter: hillary clinton arrived for lunch with the president. on a spring-like day over salad, grilled chicken and pasta jambalaya aides said they were catching up. did they talk about the mayhem in cairo, how to handle vladamir putin , 2016 politics or anthony weiner , but nobody is saying. weiner has become a nightmare for his wife huma abedin and for bill and hillary clinton . weiner said today he isn't going away.

>> i don't take my cues from the headline writers in the newspapers. i never v.those are the very same people who didn't want me to run.

>> reporter: even though his campaign manager quit over the weekend, and in staten island weiner got a scolding from a retired teacher.

>> i conduct myself in a manner that you've conducted yours, my job would have been gone.

>> reporter: still weiner told a local staten island paper.

>> my wife has given me a second chance. she's now a partner, a partner through thick and thin, and she's been amazingly supportive and enthusiastic about this campaign.

>> reporter: when the paper asked what he'd tell his son some day about the scandal weiner joked, first of all, the kid is going to grow up in gracie mansion so i'm going to say, kid, don't complain but others are complaining, including the governor.

>> this is summer political theater in new york. we laugh because if we didn't laugh, we would cry, right?

>> reporter: a new quinnipiac poll out today has weiner 's support tanking. a majority of democratic primary voters now want him to get out. friends say the clintons are mortified and wish he would take the hint. many wonder why huma would let hillary get dragged into this. as for clinton she's pushing forward.

>> in fact, after today's lunch with the president, tomorrow she's having breakfast with her chief democratic rival in 2016 , if she runs, joe biden . andrea mitchell , nbc news, washington.