Nightly News   |  July 29, 2013

Col. George ‘Bud’ Day, McCain’s cellmate in POW camp, dies at 88

Col. Bud Day, who earned 50 combat medals including a Medal of Honor, was credited as the man who saved Sen. John McCain’s life while the two were Prisoners of War. “Bud … wouldn’t let me die,” McCain said. “To witness him sing the national anthem in response to having a rifle pointed at his face -- well, that was something to behold.” NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> this nation lost one of its most deckated warriors over the weekend, buday of south dakota . for starters he served in three wars, world war ii , korea and vietnam where he volunteered for duty. shot down over north vietnam , wounded and captured, escaped and captured again. he was thrown in the hanoi hilton as a p.o.w. where he was tortured on and off for over five years. his cellmate for a time was a naval of aicator named john mccain . he was a midwesterner through and through and proud of it. about his boyhood home on the plains he once told tom brokaw if you wanted a warrior, this was the place to find them. foremost among his 50 combat medals, buday was awarded the medal of honor but president gerald ford . his death leaves 78 recipients of the medal of honor . next month the president will award the medal to a veteran of the war in afghanistan .