Nightly News   |  July 30, 2013

‘People are right to be skeptical’ about Middle East peace talks

President Obama gave both negotiators a pep talk and sent them back to the State Department to try to resolve all of the issues that have divided them for a half century. In a sign of optimism on Tuesday the Israeli negotiator said history is not made by cynics, it is made by realists who are not afraid to dream. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>>> for the first time in years, middle east peace talks are officially underway. the iz reallies and palestinians are back at it after both sides made big concessions to get there with an assist in the secretary of state john kerry . our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell covering all of it from the state department tonight. an drdre andrea, we have seen this before?

>> we have.

>> the president gave these two sides a pep talk and then sent them back here to the state department to try to resolve all of the issues that have divided them for a half century, and do it in only nine months, people are right to be skeptical given that history. there are some differences now when israel looks around, the most peaceful neighbors it has are on the west bank . it's in israel's self-interest to agree to a separate palestinian state next door. but there are some real down sides. netanyahu does not have strong support in his cabinet for this. the palestinian leadership is a lot weaker than it was three years ago, when these talks fell apart after only three weeks. still, john kerry , the second of state, is a man on a mission, he has no political ambitions beyond this. he sees this as his legacy, and today the israeli negotiator said, history is not made by cynics, it's made by realists who can dream, who are not afraid to dream. and let us be these people. so we shall see, brian?

>> the clock is set for nine months from now is ticking tonight. andrea mitchell at the state department for us