Nightly News   |  August 01, 2013

Middle East, North Africa embassies to shut down Sunday

U.S. officials, responding to an unspecified threat to U.S. diplomatic posts overseas, will shut down some U.S. embassies in the Middle East and North Africa. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

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>> of d.c. word the state department will order u.s. embassies in dozens of different cities shut down primarily in the middle east and on this coming sunday, notable. it is in nation's where sunday would normally be a workday. u.s. officials say in response to a threat they have picked up on, so far they're not being specific. our justice correspondent pete williams watching in our d.c. newsroom. good evening.

>> reporter: american officials say this is in response to al qaeda -related intelligence from the middle east specific about a period of time and mentioning an unspecified threat to u.s. diplomatic posts overseas. in response the state department says it will shut down all emba seeps this sunday that would normally be open. mostly in the middle east , north africa , big ones , cairo, tel aviv , riyadh, saudi arabia , along with baghdad, kabul, kuwait city . dozens of embassies and consulates. it is possible we may have additional days of closings as well depending on our analysis. that will be a big challenge for the u.s. government deciding whether to extend the shutdown. if it goes beyond sunday as it appears it might then it would affect american embassies in many countries throughout the world since they would all normally be open monday. u.s. officials aren't saying much about the threat just that it was tied to the month long muslim period of fact.