Nightly News   |  August 02, 2013

Helping other companies do more with less

The company Coyote works to streamline logistics so that other companies attain better productivity with fewer resources. Their customers’ needs are another indication that the economy remains stagnant.  NBC's report indicates an exception of part-time work, retail and restaurant sectors that offer lower-wage jobs. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> we turn to what was our leading domestic news story today. on the u.s. economy and the jobs news we woke up to today. american businesses added 162,000 jobs in july. the unemployment rate ticked down to 7.4%, lowest level since '08. on wall street , the dow and the s & p 500 hit all-time highs. but the news isn't entirely as rosie as the numbers might seem on the surface. we get our report from nbc's kevin tibbles in chicago.

>> reporter: in a sluggish economy, coyote is a company that does well. because it helps other companies do more with less.

>> everyone is stuck in this flat line phase. we expect the market to improve at some point. we expect the consumer to come back. we don't know when.

>> reporter: everyone in this room works to streamline logistics, finding shipments for empty trucks all over north america .

>> half the time the trucks are empty. that's what coyote's target is. that's wasted money. wasted labor. a waste of carbon. so that is the opportunity for us.

>> reporter: in an economy virtually stuck in neutral, customers come to coyote seeking leaner ways of doing business . customers want more productivity with fewer workers. and that explains today's disappointing jobs report.

>> people went into the report with high expectations that the economy was doing better. they kate out of the report thinking, gee, maybe things are not improving.

>> reporter: the economy has added jobs for 34 consecutive months but the pace has slowed. much of the growth is in part-time work as well as the retail and restaurant sectors. and those are lower wage jobs. just this week fast food workers in cities across the country staged walkouts demanding higher pay and benefits. the american economy is driven by people's ability to spend money.

>> it is really up to the business sector to start help create jobs hire new people and therefore give people the money that they need to spend.

>> reporter: coyote is doing its part, hiring 400 college grads last year and plans to hire more this year.

>> it is surprising it doesn't happen a lot especially with kids our age.

>> reporter: figuring out efficiency is a growth industry in today's listless marketplace.

>> thank you so much. i do appreciate it.

>> kevin tibbles, nbc news.