Nightly News   |  August 02, 2013

A ‘win-lose situation’ for the Yankees

On Friday New York Yankees home-run hitter Alex Rodriguez shed his pinstripes for Trenton Thunder blue as his negotiations with the MLB continue. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> tonight as he continues talk with major league baseball to try to avoid a lifetime ban from the sport, alex rodriguez is on the field this evening for a minor league rehab game in trenton , new jersey. all of the $7 tickets sold out early with only standing room left. security has been strengthened for the expected crowds wanting to know if this could be a-rod's last baseball game. nbc's ron mott is at the stadium tonight. ron , good evening.

>> reporter: hey, brian. good evening to you. sources telling nbc sports that major league baseball is ready to announce suspensions of these players caught up in the doping investigation. no later than monday. but it should be noted that list might not include a-rod. the stadium is smaller, there are fewer fans, and tonight alex rodriguez is shedding yankee pin stipz for trenton thunder blue. bud selig is swinging hard to get him off the field with a lengthy suspension or possible lifetime ban.

>> in everybody's best interest if there is a deal brokered here. it its in a-rod's best interest it is going to get really, really ugly.

>> reporter: the superstarm home run hitter earned more than $350 million in 19 seasons in the big leagues . in 2007 he signed a record, ten-year, $275 million contract. and is still owed roughly $100 million. but how much of that money he will actually keep is the talk of baseball at the moment. the yankees valued by forbes magazine at $2.3 billion is the league's richest franchise and could sign a number of high profile players with cash a-rod might forfeit.

>> win/lose for the yankees. you lose a highly productive ball player like rodriguez for the season and they can save $25 million to $30 million which helps them on a variety of different fronts.

>> reporter: at a little league tournament in miami where rodriguez was once a high school phenom, potential stars are sounding off about a tainted hero.

>> the sport is about to have fun and give what you have, right, and not to be cheating and stuff like that.

>> it just ruins the sport. because the whole point is to have fun. and just messes it up.

>> reporter: now, in a press release today, the trenton founder, the minor league team here. announced rodriguez will hold a press conference after tonight's game.

>> let's get the kids up to the pro level. ron molt, trenton , new jersey. thanks.