Nightly News   |  August 02, 2013

Shark fever, a near-miss from above and Obama’s bunny ears

Brian Williams hits rewind on a busy week, catching up on developing trends, and stories that you may have missed.

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>>> finally here tonight an attempt to hit pause and reweaned what was a busy week, catching up on some developing trend out there, some near misses and generally the stories that popped up on the radar as july gave way to august and america prepares for a summer weekend. the nation has gone a bit crazy for sharks these days. it happens every summer. and "jaws" started it by scaring a generation out of the ocean, shark week and sci-tie, sharknado, now a suspicious photo circulated on the web. all you need to know about this, it has been hanging for years on the wall of a pub in australia. we're supposed to believe the shark ate the guy. and the guy stabbed his way out. not to ruin a good aussie yarn, but the shark was long dead when the guy crawled in, whipped out his knife and it made for a good picture and great pub story.

>> we apparently missed becoming part of a huge story, scientists say a massive solar flare , two weeks ago narrowly missed hitting the earth. if it had it would have caused an emp, electromagneting pulse big enough to knocked out power grid and communications including cell phones. one expert in washington said it is like russian roulette . and warned an incoming weapon could do the same thing.

>> we know a speech was once prepared for queen elizabeth to deliver to her nation in the event the cold war turned into world war iii . while obviously never delivered, it was unveiled this week. and it is a sobering call to arms including this quote "now this madness of war is once more spreading through the world and our brave country must again prepare itself to survive against great odds."

>> when education makes the news these days it is seldom a good news story. just this week, florida statewide education chief was forced to step down after allegations that he had cooked some test results in his last job in indiana. a lot of folks think testing has overtaken our schools and yet our kids are no smarter. you have seen the numbers, american students rank 25th in math compared to other civilized nations. 14th in reading. 17th in science. and so the was downright depressing this week when the website jezebel publish aid test given to eighth graders in 1912 with questions that may overwhelm students. what is a personal pronoun. sketch briefly sir walter raleigh . some say it just indicates mem morization questions. others say we'ren trouble.

>>> "the new york times" has reason to believe fashion is in trouble. they did a story this week with photos on shirtless men sightings in new york city . while it has been hot, at least it's not china where if you want to head to the water park in a nation of 1.3 billion, you better be prepared to bump inflatables to say nothing of body parts with closest friends. at the white house a jovial event, honoring the uconn women's basketball team . the president had chosen baylor in his brackets and took heat from one of the players and got downright sassy in response. and then this happened. and we can't remember another case of some one flashing bunny ears over the president of the united states . and finally, because they haven't ruined everything just yet, along comes this. alcoholic beverages, booze, wine and beer will soon start carrying voluntary nutritional labelling. letting us know about calories and the like. of course, it will all be based on serving size which may vary according to local customs where you