Nightly News   |  August 04, 2013

Suspect held after car slams into group of pedestrians

A man is facing a murder charge after a vehicle plowed through a group of people near Venice Beach, Calif., killing one woman. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> in los angeles , a man is in custody facing a charge of murder after allegedly driving a car into a crowd of people enjoying themselves on the boardwalk in the popular venice beach area. a woman on her honeymoon was killed and 11 others injured. nbc's miguel alma ger is there with the latest. miguel?

>> reporter: good evening, on a summer weekend this boardwalk is packed with thousands of people, it was a similar scene yesterday when the car slammed into that group of pedestrians, including that woman who was here on her honeymo honeymoon. security cameras capture the moment of impact. look closely at the top of the screen as a car plows through the crowd. just moments earlier, the driver is seen entering the car, then speeding away. a second camera shows pedestrians leaping for their lives.

>> we have a critical situation . we need a driver.

>> reporter: chaos and panic ensue. at least a dozen people were struck by a driver who witnesses say appeared to be aiming for the crowd. victims strewn everywhere.

>> one of the medics from 67th working on the critical patient.

>> the scene was really bad. there were tables, people everywhere, blood everywhere. there was scattered stuff. it was horrible.

>> reporter: 32-year-old italian woman visiting california while on her honeymoon was killed.

>> i saw a girl go over his roof and another girl ended up over there.

>> reporter: another victim is in critical condition , ten others hospitalized.

>> i'm never going to forget that moment. it was surreal. he was zigzagging and i ran.

>> reporter: hours lairpt, the damaged sedan was found abandoned. investigators say a 35-year-old man turned himself will into police late saturday night.

>> detectives have booked nathan campbell for a murder that took place last night.

>> reporter: of the venice boardwalk is one of southern california 's most popular attractions. the famed muscle beach and miles of coastline an international draw. tonight the crowds are back as many remember the victims and police look to answer the question so many here are asking -- why? tonight, the outpouring of support is coming in from around the globe. a.c. milan has expressed its convict dole evens for the 32-year-old newlywed killed here, her father a former team executive.