Nightly News   |  August 04, 2013

Rodriguez reportedly will receive lengthy suspension

Alex Rodriguez may be on the verge of a legendary exit from baseball. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> suspensions are expected tomorrow for alex rodriguez and other major league players accused of using performance enhancing drugs. a-rod is by far the highest profile and highest paid among them and faces the most severe punishment. we get a report from nbc's ron mott.

>> reporter: alex rodriguez is poised to receive the costliest suspension ever levied in baseball, a penalty that could approach $35 million and perhaps effectively end the 38-year-old slugger's career. on monday, sources tell nbc sports the controversial player will be suspended through the 20 fla 14 season for obstructing the investigation into p.e.d.s.

>> it's very clear that baseball is serious about this. they may have gotten religion on it late, but once they did they got serious. they're showing no favoritism.

>> reporter: rodriguez has been tuning up in the minor leagues. before rejoining the yankees monday in chicago for the first time all year, after off-season hip surgery. friday he held court, upbeat, smiling, yet he complained about what he deemed were efforts to cancel his remaining yankees contract worth nearly $100 million. but late saturday, after reports circulated a severe sanction had been settled on by commissioner bud selig , a different rodriguez. [ inaudible ]

>> i plan to set my girls down with cynthia and we're going to have a lengthy conversation. and i'll have an opportunity to tell it all. at some point. i'll have that platform and when the time is right, i'll tell my full story.

>> reporter: in january, a-rod's name surfaced if a miami-area newspaper report along with other big leaguers who will also be suspended tomorrow about a clinic allegedly supplying steroids and other banned drugs to athletes. the foundation of the report documents taken by a former employee, disgruntled about not getting back all of a $4,000 loan he made to the company founder. a modest sum of money now having extraordinary financial impact that could reshape baseball for years to come. a-roded is expected to appeal any suspension and he still could be eligible to take the field tomorrow in chicago. lester?