Nightly News   |  August 05, 2013

Players ‘want to see stiffer penalties’ for cheaters

Baseball players and fans alike are expressing disgust with those who cheat on the ball field. Voiding long-term contracts may be one way to hold players accountable for their actions, NBC’s Bob Costas reports.

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>>> to los angeles we go next. that's where bob costas is standing by. bob, for the folks watching tonight, maybe sports fans, maybe not, maybe they're parents of children whhave role models what are we witssing here today? i think we're witssing a positi turng point, even though ts may be a bad episo in and of itself. there's obviously been a culture shift within the game. it used to behathe players sociation std four skb against even theost reasoble and sensible reforms in this ea. now, altugh they will ptect the legitimate interes of their members,nd they will make sure thhere's due process, they're actually cooperating with baseball in trying to clean the game up. and the vast majity of players are behd thats well, expressing open disgust with ose who chea ma of them sayg out loud they'd like to see stiffer penalties, includi the ssibility of allowing teams to vo long-term contracts of those who are found to hav used p.e.d.s. take for example a guy like ryan brawn. he loses $3 million because of his suspension, t he still has 100 million left on the deal. if it was a new rule tt you could at the te's discrion void a long-term contract,hat would be aremendous sinctive to e.d. use.

>> i'll leave it right there. i detected a note, a hinof optimism on an otherwise dk day foprofsional sports. bob costas in our l. news room tonight.