Nightly News   |  August 05, 2013

Witnesses say driver targeted crowd on Venice boardwalk

A 38-year-old man is in custody after police say he plowed through a crowd at the Venice beach boardwalk Saturday night. The collision was caught on video, but there is reportedly no motive for the driver’s behavior. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> > we have learned n information tonight about the awful story out of southern califoia where a man is acsed of intentional plowing his car through a crowd of tourists,illi aoung woman on her hoymoon, injuring many othe. it happened along a stret of the venice beach boardwalk. was le so much else these days, captured on video. and fair warng it can be tough to tch. nbc's miguel almager has the report.

>> reporter: a manehinth wheel of a dodgevenger plowing rough an unsuspected crowd. summer day sudnly tned into a nightmare along t famed venice boardwalk.

>> whave a critical patient.

>> reporte those who had time leapt for safety. a dozen couldn't espe. witnesses say the drive targeted the crowd, accelerating as he plowed into pele.

>> we're never going to forget that moment. but i'm stillhankful to god we are still alive and surviving.

>> reporter: -year-old ali groupioni on heroneymoon was lled.

>> i saw a girl go over his roof. another girl then ended up or there who pasd away.

>> reporter: the victim's husband suffered minor injuries. all but one of the victims he been release from the hospital. investigators say 38-year-old than campbella homelessan who was living inis r, turned himself into police. detectes say he wanted to know how ma people were injured. surveillance video shows the driver parking his car, possibly scouting the boardwalk then speeding towards the crowd.

>> he was booked for murder. and the reason he was booked for murder is bed on the preliminary stuff our investigators saw t ther they belve it was an intentional act.

>> reporter: tonight growi memorial for the victims as police srch for a motive for the bloodshed.