Nightly News   |  August 05, 2013

Forging a connection between reunited siblings

Camp to Belong welcomes siblings who have been separated by the foster care system, giving them the opportunity to share memories with one another and meet kids who are in similar situations. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

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>> our final story tight involves some o the roughly 400,000 childre in our country living in foster caren a system wre neay halof those th siblings a sepated omt least one of them. but for one wee thissummer, some o those kids are getting the chance to getack together with their siblin. it's at a special camp that king a dierence. our national correspondentate snow has the sry tight from southern california .

reporter: it'she fir day of summercamp. counsers welcome the campers. d for miguel josees, a special greetingrothe oldiste he hast seen in mohs.

>> give me a hug.

>> reporter: this isamp long, where brothers and sisters separated from each other in fostecare, reunited. it's fun to spend time tother. we haven't seen each other in a long time.

>> this camp is bas on siblin which i absoluty love and ador

>> reporter: vincent, j.p. and asia are tee of seven siblings. the boys a in one foster home , theilittleister in another across town.

>> this is the only catch i've heard of where we g to like do stuff with our brothers a sters.

>> reporter: for one week, they she bks wit kids in similar situations. the zip line is a camp favorite. sisternd brother cross the ravine holding hands.

>> ready too again? 3, 2 1, zipping! miguel beats me ery time.

>> high five. so over7 yearsou've had how many kids co through the camp

>> almos 7500.

>> rorter: founder lin price waseparad from her older sister in foster care . sheants these kid toave what she missed.

>> ty get toake up in the morning and have breakfa together. they get too aivities together where they cheer each other on. they compete with each other.

>> they compete with each other. that's part of the sibling connection.

>> rorter: camp to belong has prrams inine states,un almost exclusily on volunteer power. since many of the siblis can't spend theirirthda together, they celebrate here, pking out the perfect donated gift, wrappi it up, decatina cake, opening the presents together. and making a wish. oneeekf memors to last a liti. ka sn, nbc news, orange, calirnia.