Nightly News   |  August 07, 2013

Capturing cuteness one panda at a time

The giant pandas in Chengdu, China can now be seen any time of day via cameras planted all over Chendu’s research base for giant panda breeding. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

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>>> finally tonight, perhaps no other creature commands our fascination as much as the giant panda . we'll show you the latest pictures from china where these pandas have just woken up. they are the online stars of one of the best shows you will see in black and white . the launch of the giant panda channel. nbc's kate snow has a preview tonight.

>> reporter: about a million people visit china every year to see their most famous residence dents. this is the hometown of the giant panda . if you can't afford to fly to the other side of the world, now there's this. a 24-hour panda cam. more than 30 cameras have been planted all over the research base of giant panda breeding, constantly capturing cuteness. pandas sleeping, pandas eating, pandas wrestling.

>> they're cute.

>> very cute.

>> they are incredibly cute.

>> reporter: last december wildlife conservationists showed us around the preservation.

>> they're adorable with the cheeks.

>> reporter: round cheeks.

>> big eyes. it makes them almost look like a human infant . that the appearance engenders us to want to protect, protect , protect.

>> reporter: scientists here figured out how to breed pandas in captivity as quickly as possible. these cubs were 4 months old when we stopped by the nursery.

>> you can touch.

>> reporter: can i? hi!

>> open. good boy.

>> reporter: james ayala says he's impressed by how much the chinese put on display from facebook to youtube. panda cam is an easy way to raise moneyr from the program.

>> will we pull pandas back from extinction?

>> that's why i'm here.

>> reporter: i am in heaven! pandas wr s whenever i wrote. so go ahead. get your panda fix, but not when the boss is looking. kate snow , nbc news, new york.