Nightly News   |  August 08, 2013

Missouri flood uproots mobile home

A massive flash flood in Missouri’s Turkey Creek moved a mobile home the length of a football field, leaving one woman hanging onto a nearby basketball hoop for two hours until being rescued by the fire department. Nashville could get another four to five inches of rain, and drier air won’t come into the region until sometime next week. Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel reports.

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>>> let's bring in weather channel meteorologist mike seidel in hollister. what are we looking at behind you?

>> reporter: the turkey creek and a massive flash flood before sunrise because of all that heavy rain . the water came up and over the banks. it came roaring through this mobile home park. it moved this mobile home the length of a football field . the one behind me, this white one, a family of four inside. the mom swam over to the basketball hoop. she hung on for two hours. the fire department came in and rescued everyone. everyone is all right at the nearby red cross shelter. more heavy rain , look at this. a swath from kansas through here in southern missouri. nashville, you could be looking at another four to five inches of rain. locally heavy amounts. flash flood watches continue. it will be some time next week before we can get some drier air into this area. lester?

>> mike seidel tonight for us, thanks.