Nightly News   |  August 08, 2013

Minnesota Powerball winner found out he won at work

Paul White, 45, received a call at work from his girlfriend who told him he was the big winner, one of three people who had the coveted combination of numbers in the $448 million jackpot. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> like millions of us, they bought their tickets and crossed their fingers. the difference is, they won. the people who bought three winning tickets will share the powerball jackpot worth $448 million. one came forward today in minnesota. two more winning tickets were purchased in new jersey. katy tur is there for us tonight.

>> reporter: good evening. at this stop and shop where a winning ticket was sold and up in minnesota it was one of those mornings where you looked around and said, who is not there? if you thought a winner would not show up to work today, well, you'd be wrong.

>> whoo!

>> reporter: 45-year-old paul white couldn't have said it better.

>> i think i had ten people verify the ticket before i left the office.

>> reporter: a project engineer from minneapolis, white only learned he was the big winner after his girlfriend called him at work.

>> ron this morning was my boss. he started the day my boss. he's going to end the day my chauffeur.

>> reporter: here's tonight's first number.

>> reporter: white is one of three people with the magic numbers in the jackpot. that's $149.4 million over 30 years. white chose the $86 million cash payout. but after taxes, that's only about $60 million. but if you want feeling benevolent, $60 million is more than enough to send 265 students to harvard for four years. if white has any love for coffee and sweets, he could franchise 61 dunkin donuts . and he may not be able to buy a whole dream team , but he could still have lebron james . the two other tickets were purchased in new jersey and at this stop & shop where one of the tickets was sold. the unlucky locals were still smarting.

>> i woke up to a screaming wife running down the hallway asking to check the tickets. when i told her we didn't buy it here, i had another screaming wife saying, why didn't we buy it here.

>> reporter: as for the winner we know of, paul white , his immediate plans?

>> i would guess there might be a party or some vacation in there.

>> dominican republic .

>> i've spent my whole life trying to figure out what it is i want to do when i grow up. now i get the opportunity to do whatever i want.

>> reporter: and if you notice there have been a lot more major jackpots lately. powerball changed its rules upping the price of 1 ticket from $1 to $2, which means it's spiraled out of control. also, there's been 34 other $1 million winners from this drawing, which means it was very lucky indeed, lester.

>> katy tur in new jersey, thanks.