Nightly News   |  August 08, 2013

FBI reopens kidnapping case from nearly 50 years ago

A baby boy snatched from a hospital in 1964 was assumed to be a child later found abandoned in Newark, NJ – but DNA tests have recently proven he was not the child taken from the hospital after all. Now investigators are trying to find out what happened to the stolen baby. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

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>>> we're back with a stunning announcement from the fbi which says it's reopening a kidnapping case from nearly a half a century ago. one that has left a lingering mystery. it involves a stolen baby and a grown-up man who is now left to wonder who he really is. our justice correspondent pete williams is following this story from our washington newsroom. hello, pete.

>> reporter: lester, at the center of all of this is a man in nevada who has had some lingering questions about who he really is, and now the fbi is trying to help find out. the trouble starts one april day in 1964 . a baby boy , paul fronzak born to a chicago couple is snatched from a hospital by a woman disguised as a nurse. the crime sets off an intense search, national attention, urgent pleas from the parents. then 14 months later, a child is found abandoned in newark, new jersey. investigators conclude it's the missing boy based on the shape of his ears. but when he was 10 years old, the boy discovered a stash of newspaper clippings about the kidnapping and began to wonder, was he really that stolen child ? he recently talked his parents into taking a dna test . result? no match. he was not their child. now age 49, he wants to know who is he. and whatever became of that stolen baby? first the fbi says it could not help because the case files were long lost, but now agents have found those files and are hoping that advancements in forensics and some public attention might provide the answers, lester.

>> remarkable story. pete, thanks.