Nightly News   |  August 09, 2013

High water swamps cars, closes roads

Torrential rain that swept across the Midwest claimed another victim Friday, bringing the death toll from the storms to three. Dozens of roadways and highways in several states remain closed until further notice. A break in the weather allowed residents to begin cleaning up, but thunderstorms and heavy rain are still in the forecast through early next week. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> good evening, i'm lester holt sitting in for brian. the weather folks call it a stall front. a weather system packed with rain that just won't budge. if you're watching us tonight across a wide stretch of the country from oklahoma to west virginia , be prepared for another drenching and more flooding. the rain totals have been astounding. in some places, ten inches in a single night. destroying homes, businesses and turning some streets into raging rapids. and tonight, there have been more deaths. nbc's kerry sanders is in nashville for us again tonight. kerry, what's it look like there now?

>> good evening, lester. with more rain looming, there's a race to get soaked carpet, drywall, furniture, just about anything inside houses out before mold begins to grow. this pile behind me is just from one house here in nashville . it's a scene repeated across 17 states. hit by wicked weather.

>> we're in a car that's flooding!

>> the torrential rain sweeping across the midwest claimed another victim this morning. a 60-year-old man in oklahoma city was swept away in a flash flood while trying to pull his wife and daughter to safety from their stalled car. police found his body a short time later, nearly six blocks away, bringing the death toll from these storms to three. the heavy storms hit a half-dozen states with up to ten inches of rain. officials deployed rescue teams on boats in search of those stranded by the floods. dozens of roadways and highways in several states will remain closed until further notice. in nashville , clean-up today. at the parkwood villa apartments, more than 300 residents evacuated and may be out of their homes for weeks, if not months.

>> i lost everything.

>> the high water also swamped dozens of cars. claims adjustor, timothy lengyel says car insurance covers this damage. but he has a warning for those in the market for a used vehicle in the coming months.

>> are some of these cars that have been flooded going to wind up on the market?

>> mostly used cars in two or three months?

>> mostly.

>> as folks use a break in the weather to start cleaning up, more storms and heavy rain threaten already-hard-hit areas, tonight and through the weekend.

>> we're stuck in this persistent pattern, bringing thunderstorms and heavy rain to the same areas, flood potential will be expanding eastward through early next week.

>> bad news for gisele knightnight nightin g gael and her family who returned to their home to surveil the damage.

>> a lot of stuff we can't replace. trying to decide to start again or go somewhere else. we've never been homeless.

>> with the ground saturated, city officials fear even a small amount of rain here in nashville could bring more problems. left centre.

>> kerry, thanks.