Nightly News   |  August 09, 2013

‘Candid’ and ‘blunt’: code words for ‘not good’

President Obama described his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a Friday press conference, saying their talks are “candid” and “blunt.” He also emphasized he will not boycott the Olympics as a result of Russia’s anti-gay laws. The best message is for gay and lesbian athletes to come home with the gold, Obama said. In other news, the State Department will reopen some of the U.S. embassies that had been close in response to a terror threat. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell was watching with us today. andrea as you heard the president talking about his relationship with russian president vladimir putin . so where do things stand? he canceled the summit meeting . are they going to make up now and move forward?

>> no, i don't think so. in fact the russian foreign minister was having a news conference at the same time as the president. he tried to smooth it over. frankly when the president said candid and blunt, those are code words in diplomacy. that means not good. also putin sent a get well message to george w. bush emphasizing that there is an american president he gets along with, it's not barack obama . and the president also in describing the slouch, the bore bored-looking kid. that's not the way you would expect the president to describe another head of state. he did emphasize he's not going to boycott the olympics. he said it's really important for the athletes, they've trained. and he said the best message, because of that ban in russia on homosexuality is for gay and lesbian athletes to come home with the gold.

>> i know he talked a little bit about the terror threat. we've been under overseas for the last several days. and i know there's late word now about those embassy and diplomatic closings. what have you heard?

>> indeed the state department says that on sunday, they're going to reopen 18 of the 19 yemen, will remain closed, also closed will be lahore, the consulate in pakistan they closed last night overnight. so there's a reopening. they've obviously shored up the defenses of these diplomatic posts and they couldn't have kept them closed forever.