Nightly News   |  August 09, 2013

New hope missing teen Hannah will be found

The nationwide manhunt for murder suspect James DiMaggio, who is believed to have kidnapped 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, now centers on wooded terrain in Idaho. Authorities remain concerned DiMaggio may be armed with explosives. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> in the west, authorities think they may be closing in tonight on the murder suspect believed to be holding a teenaged girl missing since sunday. the ordeal, which began in san diego , sparked an intense search throughout the west. nbc's joel friar is in san diego with the latest.

>> good evening, detectives here in san diego are en route to idaho after a major development that's giving them new hope. tonight a national manhunt is now focused on a heavily wooded part of idaho , six miles outside of cascade. in an area called frank church river of no return wilderness , investigators found suspect james dimaggio 's blue nissan, a car similar to this, with the license plates removed.

>> they were spotted twice coming into the area and when they left. they had backpacks on.

>> authorities began focusing on that rugged terrain thursday, after a group of hoursback riders spotted a couple matching the description of dimaggio and 16-year-old hannah anderson.

>> from the account we received, they have both appeared to be in good health. it was unable for us to determine from the witness account, whether she was being held against her will.

>> dimaggio and hannah have been missing since this past weekend. when her mother and possibly her brother, were found murdered inside dimaggio 's burned-out home east of san diego . authorities reveal today that dimaggio recently bought camping equipment.

>> the information that we've been acting on is that we believe is that this was a planned event. that there was preparation involved.

>> friends and relatives say they fear dimaggio , a long-time family friend, lured the anderson family to his home by telling them it was about to be foreclosed.

>> he said that he wanted them to go up there for one last time before he loses his house.

>> today's news gives investigators hope hannah can still be found.

>> i'm very confident and i think we should all be optimistic that she appeared to be in somewhat good health.

>> authorities in idaho are using a bomb squad to examine the car before collecting evidence. that's because of concerns dimaggio might be armed with explosives. lester?

>> joe friar, thanks.