Nightly News   |  August 10, 2013

Suspected kidnapper dead, girl found safe

Authorities say James Lee DiMaggio was shot and killed during an attempted arrest in Idaho Saturday. His alleged hostage, 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, was found safe and “appears to be in good shape.”

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now to breaking news in that massive manhunt in idaho for a missing california teen and her alleged abducter. nbc's joe fryer has the latest from the search area. we've just heard from authorities that this amber alert has officially come to an end.

>> hannah anderson has been found safe and healthy. the suspect in this disappearnce james dimaggio was shot and killed

>> this afternoon by an fbi agent we do not know all the details but we know there was some kind of confrontation in the wilderness

>> between authorities and dimaggio who was with hannah anderson and the san diego sheriff tells us that one of those fbi agents

>> opened fire shooting and killing dimaggio now this is a case that has been going on for nearly a week