Nightly News   |  August 10, 2013

‘Love Boat’ sails on final voyage

The ship known as “The Love Boat" is making its final run. NBC's Michelle Franzen reports.

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>>> well, old ships don't fade away. they just go to the scrapyard of cultural history . we're talking about the pacific princess . the ship you probably know better as the love boat which is making its final run . nbc's michelle franzen tonight on the end of a love affair . the love boat

>> reporter: the love boat set sail in the '70s.

>> they don't make programs like that any more.

>> reporter: each weect flash of celebrity guests and favorites like charo along with the funny antics of the crew members like the captain and gofer.

>> why me?

>> reporter: helped launch the idea of a cruise vacation for millions of americans.

>> it's something you watched as a kid and said, oh, i'd like to do something like that some day.

>> reporter: the real life love boat made-the-final voyage after 42 years towed into the unroe maptic scrap yard in turkly it will be stripped for spare parts. one of the reasons they're dismantling the love boat , by some standards, it's considered too small only accommodating 600 passengers. this ship in contrast can hold nearly 3,000. still it's sad for those who longed for the love boat to see the vintage cruise liner go. michelle franzs, nbc