Nightly News   |  August 11, 2013

Missing teen found safe, alleged kidnapper dead

Authorities were able to rescue Hannah Anderson in the Idaho wilderness after killing her alleged kidnapper James DiMaggio. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> intensive manhunt that spread across much of the west, a california teen is safe tonight. and the man accused of abducting her shot dead. the couple on horseback first spolted the pair in the idaho back country. after they saw news reports about the manhunt and realizes who they might have seen they called the authorities setting off a chain of events that led to last night's dramatic ending. joe fryer is in idaho . joe.

>> reporter: good evening. a relative confirms hannah anderson has been taken to her father. they're not releasing any details about her location. they want to give her family time and space after such a traumatic week. from a surveillance plane high above idaho 's back country, u.s. marshal spotted suspect james dimaggio and hannah anderson. they were at a campsite by morehead lake. hostage teams moved in carefully so as not to alert dimaggio.

>> they had to land about a 2 1/2 hour hike away. when they were able to surround the camp, they waited until the two were separate, ensuring hannah 's safety. that's when they moved in to make the rescue.

>> authorities haven't said whoopsd when he confronted the suspect. they simply say one agent shot and killed him and that hannah was found safe and flown to a hospital.

>> there's no way he we would want our granddaughter to go through court trials and have to relive this over and over the rest of her life. we're happy with the outcome.

>> reporter: the manhunt start add week ago today. they sadie maush yoe killed anna's mother and brother, set his house on fire and kidnapped the 16-year-old girl. a big break when people stumbled upon him.

>> kind of a gut feeling like they didn't belong.

>> reporter: they didn't know about the amber alert , but they say the young girl looked scared.

>> it was just like a square peg into is a round hole. he might have been a outdoors man in california, but not in idaho . it just didn't fit.

>> reporter: today new photos show how they tried to camouflage the car. with a manhunt a memorial outside the apartment continues to grow. everyone reminded what this family has gone through.

>> we'll get through it. we'll help hannah through it. whatever it takes.

>> reporter: a special fbi team from washington is investigating yesterday's shooting. they plan to interview all of the witnesses to determine exactly what happened.