Nightly News   |  August 11, 2013

Flash floods tear through Colo. town

Manitou Springs, Colo., was hit by flash flooding as water poured down streets. NBC’s Leanne Gregg reports.

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>> reveals just how terrifying for resident of a colorado town when a sudden surge of flood water triggered mud slides this weekend.

>> reporter: the town of man tu springs is reeling from flash floods .

>> this is getting very, very bad now. this is the moecht terrifying thing i've ever seen. i can't stop shaking.

>> reporter: new video shows water gushing at almost 30 miles per hour and pouring down residential streets.

>> cars floating away.

>> reporter: friday's flood is one of the town's worst disaster in decades. leaving in its wake one dead and one still missing.

>> dopts think you have enough time. when the sigh reps go off, go.

>> reporter: damaging dozens of billions and shutting down businessesment for the sec day, crews are cleaning off mud from flood waters. days, maybe weeks before things are back to normal. the same story all across the midwest as the storm system stalled over the plains. in tennessee, heavy rain on already saturated ground. thunderstorms are expected in several states with nebraska and georgia to be hit with high winds and hail. residents now hoping for a little relief. nbc news, leigh ann greg, man tu springs, colorado.