Nightly News   |  August 12, 2013

Whitey Bulger found guilty of dozens of crimes

The seven week trial, which was filled with dramatic testimony, came to an end Monday when notorious mob boss Whitey Bulger, 83, was convicted of conspiracy, racketeering and playing a role in 11 murders. He showed no reaction as the verdict was read. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> and one of america's most wanted, mob boss james "whitey" bulger has been convicted of being involved in a string of murders and other crimes after a trial that riveted the city of boston and much of the nation. nbc's kristen dahlgren is at the federal courthouse . good evening.

>> reporter: pg good evening, lester. yeah, a day many here in boston thought would never come. nearly two decades after james "whitey" bulger went on the lam, today a federal jury here found him guilty of being involved in a string of gang crimes including 11 murders. crowds swarmed boston 's federal courthouse this afternoon, inside after more than 32 hours of deliberations jurors returned to a packed courtroom announcing the fate of whitey bulger , one of boston 's most notorious mobsters. the jury found him guilty of dozens of crimes including conspiracy, racketeering and playing a role in 11 murders.

>> the day of reckoning for bulger has been a long time in coming.

>> reporter: tom donohue whose father was killed more than three decades ago was among the family members present throughout the trial.

>> wily bulger pretty much almost destroyed my family in every category.

>> reporter: jurors decided the evidence showed bulger was involved in 11 of 19 murders, not involved in 7 and couldn't agree on one. the death of 26-year-old debra davis.

>> my family has to live with this every day and the rest of the families with the fact they lost a loved one.

>> reporter: as today's verdict was read the 83 defendant showed no reaction. a stark contrast to the seven-week trial filled with explosive, profanity laced explosives, dramatic testimony from his longtime associate including stephen the rifleman fleming and john the executioner mar marchiano.

>> mr. bulger knew as soon as he was arrested he was going to die behind the walls of a prison.

>> reporter: bulger went on the lam in 1994 evading law enforcement 16 years and ending up on the fbi's most wanted list. authorities caught up with him two years ago outside a santa monica apartment, also discovering weapons and more than $800,000 in cash.

>> james bulger was that gangster who finally saw justice. i think some families are waiting for a little bit more, though.

>> reporter: yes, and sentencing is set for mid-november but with bulger turning 84 next month, it's likely any way you cut it he'll spend the rest of his life in prison . meantime, many families are still seeking restitution and still angry bulger committed many of these crimes while allegedly works an an fbi informant , lester.