Nightly News   |  August 13, 2013

Jimmy Fallon on being a first-time father

One in six couples struggle with infertility and many turn to surrogacy as a solution, but insurance only covers part of the costs. NBC’s Savannah Guthrie reports.

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>>> thousands of american couples have experienced the heartbreak and frustration of dealing with infertility. it's an emotional roller coaster, jimmy fallon and his wife know all too well. after years of trying to conceive they recently welcomed a new daughter. how they weren't about it has sparked a broader conversation and a solution that more couples are turning to. now, in a revealing interview with today's savannah guthrie , fallon is sharing their story.

>> reporter: jimmy fallon is known for putting a smile on people's faces.

>> oh, yeah.

>> and now, he's smiling, from a place deep down in side.

>> i'm your host, dada.

>> reporter: he's a first time father. congratulations on the new baby.

>> thank you so much. it's the most unbelievable thing. you can't describe it. it's like i'm in a -- i'm floating in a new bubble.

>> reporter: following that surprise with another.

>> we had a surrogate, and it -- we tried before, we told people, and then it didn't happen, it's really depressing, really hard.

>> reporter: and it's common. infertility hits one in six couples. many are now opting for surrogacy, arranging for someone else to carry their child.

>> it's so emotional when you call everybody and you tell everybody this happened. it comes out of nowhere. they're like, what? someone's crying, and they're happy, because we tried for a long time.

>> reporter: melissa was not able to carry a baby, she and her husband decided to use a gestational sur gate. when the woman is implanted with the fertilized egg from the parents.

>> i was crying. we were all crying.

>> reporter: now a mother of three, she changed careers to help families connect with potential surrogates.

>> every little girl grows up thinking she's going to carry a baby. it's hard to have someone else to carry a baby for you. it brings me great joy, my work. we've brought people 1500 babies.

>> reporter: the price tag is high, part of which can be covered by insurance. the actual cost depends on a variety of factors. including the medical needs of the surrogate, the type of surrogacy, and payment to the surrogate herself, which can be upwards of $25,000. but the result is priceless.

>> we tried for five years, i know people have tried much longer. if there's anyone out there who is trying and losing hope aerngs -- just hang in there, try every avenue, try everything can you do, you'll get there about you'll end up with a family, and it's so worth it.

>> well, of course, surrogacy is not right for everyone. the fallons know how lucky and blessed they are. they've been given a lot of credit tonight for raising the issue of infertility and being so open about it.

>> we're thrilled for them, this is a complicated process. i remember at the outset when this first began, it was a bit risky.

>> it is. for a lot of different reasons. a lot of people remember that case of baby m where the surrogate mother ended up winning custody of the child. it's a complicated legal world. there's a patchwork of different laws. the states are all different. the bottom line is, if this is something you're considering, you're really needing to consult a lawyer. it can be expensive as well.

>> you'll have more with jimmy tomorrow?

>> we will on foed.

>> thanks for doing double duty with us today.