Nightly News   |  August 16, 2013

Rain, rain, go away: More downpours to drench South

Several U.S. states have experienced the top five wettest Julys on record. Tropical moisture continues to sit over the South, bringing dangerous flooding. Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore reports.

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>>> more misery on the way tonight for millions of people in the south, for whom rain has become a dirty word . we want to bring in weather channel meteorologist jim cantore for the latest now. jim, good evening.

>> lester, good evening. the wet summer continues in the south, and of course the preexisting conditions are making it worse. several states, florida the first here in the top five wettest julys on record. look at this, all of these are top five states. that means the soil is already wet, and when we're talking about bringing in tropical moisture, which we are this weekend, that does not make it easy for anybody, really from new orleans all the way up to charleston, south carolina . here is the setup, the jet stream dips, pulls the moisture northward. so many areas that have already had rain, even today around savannah, george georges , where they've had flooding they're getting it again. the stalled front provides the poke r focus for that rain and unfortunately it's asitting from charleston to new orleans. we'll see round and round of rains this weekend in some cases three to five inches so it won't take much for this area to flood. the first to go, savannah tonight, flash flooding in the