Nightly News   |  August 17, 2013

Signs of civil unrest in Egypt

Egyptians are turning on one another as violent clashes escalate in the region. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

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>> reporter: yet more gunfire here in care row today as egyptian security forces moved in to clear out supporters of the muslim brotherhood from a downtown mosque. and there are growing signs in this country of civil unrest . egyptians are turning on each other. supporters of the muslim brotherhood took shelter in a cairo mosque, terrified if they went outside they'd be lynched by angry mobs who back the military. after of a gunfight, an armed man in a mosque minaret allegedly shot a troop. egyptian forces moved in and escorted the protesters out. the pro-military crowd chased down whomever they could. critics say egypt's military-backed government is encouraging this kind of violence and hatred with nonstop media broadcasts equating the muslim brotherhood to terrorists.

>> we're united against the acts of terror, the instigation of violence, and the people trying to cripple our move toward the future.

>> reporter: and, as the sun goes down, there's now fear in the street. we drove through central cairo just after the 7:00 p.m . curfew took effect in the city of 18 million. with one camera hidden behind our car's grill, we quickly ran into a checkpoint. it's pro-military, we think. i tell the man we're journalists and ask if we can film. he lets us, saying the men and boys are just concerned citizens defending their neighborhood from thugs and criminals. a few have sticks. they have guns, too. but hide them when we try to take pictures. there are now check points like these all over cairo . at one earlier today witnesses tell us they killed a suspected member of the muslim brotherhood . after days of clashes in this city, there's now vigilante justice. moustap moustapha, unemployed, says his group will be out every night now. we don't hurt anyone. we protect our area. that's it, he said. cairo is splitting apart by neighborhood, some for, others against the military. order is breaking down in the biggest city in the middle east . and among those arrested today, kate, was the brother of al qaeda 's laeeaden ayman al zawahi zawahiri, an ally of the muslim brotherhood .