Nightly News   |  August 17, 2013

U.S. reassesses its relationship with Egypt

Egypt’s deadly clashes have forced the White House to put the pressure on the Egyptian military. NBC’s David Gregory reports.

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>> there are reports the u.s. and its allies were trying to work out a deal in recent weeks to avoid the violent crackdown we've just seen in egypt . nbc's david gregory moderator of "meet the press" joins us. gregory, the u.s. is in a tough spot here.

>> we know within the white house i've talked to u.s. officials saying there's a reassessment of the relationship between the u.s. and egypt , and i can tell you this. talking to lawmakers on capitol hill , there are those in both parties, particularly republicans, who are preparing now to change their view on foreign aid , $1.5 billion a year, that goes to egypt . a lot of that to the military. they are preparing for another vote that would vote to suspend that 8 to make it conditional on democrat democratic reforms. you mention the deal, there were senators like lindsey graham and john mccain sent by the white house to put pressure toward democratic, letting members of the muslim brotherhood out of prison if we're going to get to a place of a new referendum and back on track. they pushed back and they're at something of a stalemate. this is the real concern, that faith placed in the egyptian military by the united states now misplaced. that really is what the u.s. is counting on, that the military will pull back from the brink and get back on a democratic