Nightly News   |  August 17, 2013

Dramatic, telling photos capture Egypt’s evolving story

One man has spent the last three years telling Egypt’s story one picture at a time. The images are captivating and sometimes disturbing. Meet the man who’s documenting the nation’s people in a time of change. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> as we've seen, there have been many extraordinary and troubling images coming out of egypt this week, and some of the most poignant have come to us through the lens of a photographer in cairo . nbc's ayman mow haw dean caught up with him today in cairo .

>> reporter: for three years, this man has been telling egypt 's story one picture at a time. from the removal of president mohamed morsi on june 30th --

>> all i saw were people celebrating and cheering and shooting fireworks.

>> reporter: -- to moments of carnage when police broke up a sit-in protest this week.

>> it was really, really over overwhe overwhelming. there was brightal force being used.

>> reporter: his images have been captivate, at times disturbing, but, above all, with purpose.

>> i try with my pictures to show as much of the pain and the grief of those who are getting killed and those who are losing friends.

>> reporter: it has come with a personal cost for the 23-year-old, his brother arrested, his friends killed in the midst of horror, he has found moments of compassion.

>> this specific man just sat there holding the hand of a friend of his. and he was speaking to him and just like saying, i'm sorry, i'm sorry.

>> reporter: while some may debate death tolls, he focused on the people.

>> i feel this is the part of the story that's becoming very easily lost, is that these people aren't numbers.

>> reporter: facing an uncertain future, he wonders if his country has lost more than its security.

>> i feel like egyptians have many, many of them have things have unfolded they have lost huge parts if not all of their humanity.

>> reporter: humanity egypt may strug wigle to get back. nbc news, cairo .