Nightly News   |  August 17, 2013

Restaurant damaged in Boston bombing attacks reopens

Forum was at the epicenter of the second bomb attack during the Boston Marathon. Now, the eatery reopens for the first time since the attacks.

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>>> restaurant right near the finish line when the second bomb exploded, its employees jumped in to help and were widely praised for their efforts. late this week, the forum finally reopened, the last of hundreds of damaged businesses to do so, a symbol of boston pride and perseverance. and nbc's eric erika hill was there.

>> reporter: this is what the celebration should have looked like after 26.2 miles. but the end of the 2013 boston marathon was anything but. two bomb blasts,or the second exploding right in front of the forum restaurant. how much do you think about that die?

>> i'd be lying if i didn't say every day.

>> reporter: but on that day, in that moment, there was no time to think. the forum staff of immediately began helping victims. four months later, the forum is the last of some 400 affected businesses to reopen.

>> people keep asking, when are you going to reopen, when are you going to reopen?

>> reporter: was there ever a moment when you thought, we're never going to get this done?

>> there were a few.

>> reporter: after a near total remodel of the first floor, the forum opened on thursday night. on hand to help, the rebirth grass band, direct from new orleans. leading a mini parade from the marathon finish line . former patriots linebacker matt chat hamz had come to the forum on race day to cheer on the runners but was soon one of the many spectators who became heroes, carrying an injured woman named heather abbott to safety.