Nightly News   |  August 18, 2013

What really killed Princess Diana?

Two weeks shy of the sixteenth anniversary of her death, Scotland Yard is looking into claims that an SAS soldier murdered Princess Diana. NBC’s Mandy Clark reports.

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>>> the media into a frenzy mode this weekend with a surprising disclosure it was studying new information about the death of princess diana . nbc's mandy clark has that story for us.

>> reporter: controversy surrounded princess diana 's death on august 31, 1997 , nearly 16 years ago, and still grabs the headlines today. dramatic new claims splashed across the british papers, allegations that diana and her boyfriend, dodi al fiyad, were murdered by an sas soldier, a member of britain's elite special forces . the new information was reportedly brought forward by family members of another sas soldier and passed on to police. scotland yard confirm it had received this new tip and is now assessing its relevance and credibility. it also stressed it has not reopened the investigation. skeptics question the claims and the timing.

>> every year at the time of the anniversary of princess diana 's death, there seems to be fresh allegations that resurface, new revelations about how she was so-called murdered. but the problem is there is no evidence.

>> reporter: meanwhile, prince harry 's back after spending last week in angola, visiting you landmine clearing projects, walking in his mother's footsteps, his way of carrying on her charity work , perhaps her greatest legacy. princess diana visited the country in 1997 . the iconic images of her wearing protective gear in a minefield drew the world's attention to the suffering caused by landmines. it was one of her last big charity trips before her sudden death . conspiracy theories have continually surrounded the deaths of the princess and her boyfriend but repeated investigations have been consistent that their driver, henri paul , was drunk when he lost control of the car and hit the cement pillar in a paris underpass at 80 miles per hour while trying to lose the chasing paparazzi. mandy clark , nbc news, london.