Nightly News   |  August 19, 2013

Youngest Royal appears in new family photos

Prince George has made his first public foray beyond the maternity ward, as father William spoke candidly about fatherhood and his approach to parenting. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> finally tonight, just because you're second in line to the british throne doesn't mean you get out of diaper duty. that's just one of the things we learned today as prince william opened up in his first interview since becoming a new dad. we get more now from nbc's michelle kosinski in london .

>> reporter: tomorrow's front pages already out tonight in london . just like any family photo, questionable lighting and the dog. in true william and kate do-it-yourself style, these new pictures of baby george were taken at kate 's parents' place by her father.

>> we have all grown up differently to other generations, and i very much feel if i can do it myself, i want to do it myself.

>> reporter: and he has. during this little prince 's first foray outside the maternity ward straight into the public eye.

>> i was on such a high anyway, so was katherine about george , really, we were happy to show him to whoever wanted to see him.

>> reporter: he admits that masterfully smooth installation into the car seat, the driving off, yes, he practiced.

>> i was terrified that i was gonna do some, you know, gonna fall off or whatever, door wasn't going to close properly.

>> reporter: william says the global spotlight is a place he does not enjoy being but, that he knows what's required of him, no wonder the royal couple still relishes getting away from all of this into the cozy privacy of kate 's hometown. prince william , whose mother, diana, made sure his childhood was as normal as possible, full of outings, games and opportunities for him and his brother to just be boys, says he and katherine want the same for george . for william , that includes changing diapers.

>> i did the first nappy, yeah. i wasn't allowed to get away with it. i had every midwife staring at me, you do it, you do it.

>> reporter: and the long night.

>> doesn't sleep that much, which a little bit of a problem.

>> reporter: but says kate is handling it like a pro.

>> a fantastic job. other fellas might know, i'm actually looking forward to going back to work.

>> reporter: a picture of a family, for the future king prince william calls --

>> a little bit of a rascal.

>> reporter: michelle kosinski , nbc news, london .

>>> that's our broadcast for this monday night. thank you for