Nightly News   |  August 19, 2013

A-Rod’s attorney speaks out

Joe Tacopina, attorney for New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, was presented with a letter from MLB saying they are willing to waive the confidentiality clause in the joint drug prevention and treatment program, something Tacopina called a “publicity stunt.”  NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> there was new drama tonight in the showdown between yankees ' star, alex rodriguez , and major league baseball , and it all played out before millions this morning on the "today" show. tonight, stephanie gosk joins us with the latest. stephanie ?

>> reporter: alex rodriguez ghettos keep playing while he appeals major league baseball 's decision to suspend him 211 games for doping, but while everyone waits for the appeal to end, there is an ongoing and sometimes nasty back and forth among rodriguez, major league baseball , and the new york yankees . in an interview with matt lauer this morning, a-rod's attorney couldn't say whether rodriguez took performance-enhancing trucks because of a confidentiality agreement with the league. when matt handed him a letter from major league baseball saying he would waive the confidentiality reading, there was no response. he called the letter a publicity stunt, a trap and a breach of the players association agreement, this, a day after the a-rod was hit by a pitch during his first at-bat with the red sox at fenway, an incident announcers said looked deliberate. his thirds at-bat, a-rod hit it out of the park, drama on and off the field. lester?

>> stephanie , thank you.

>>> meanwhile, as that zbag tops with a-rod at war with the yankees and management no longer talking to him, an attempt to instill honesty while players are young and in a place where the game is so much simpler. all players and all teams in the little league world series are wearing shoulder patches that say "i won't cheat." they have been around for a few years, but needless to say, they are attracting a bit more attention these days.