Nightly News   |  August 22, 2013

Nasdaq glitch halts trading for hours

After a long delay there was a resumption of Nasdaq stock trading with about 30 minutes left to go, but the mishap represented another black eye to electronic trading. CNBC’s Brian Sullivan reports.

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>>> chaos on wall street . a glitch that halted trading on the nation's second largest stock exchange where people trade huge companies like apple and facebook . experts are calling it unprecedented, and tonight it's raising a lot of questions. cnbc's brian sullivan is live at the nasdaq with late details on all of this. brian, what happened?

>> well, lester, what happened is, what began as a relatively slow summer day turned into anything but right around 12:30 eastern time , unexpected halt of trading began. you mentioned some of the names apple, you've got google, microsoft, even facebook . it was a glitch, and we've finally gotten a statement from the nasdaq about an hour ago, but they didn't go into detail about exactly what happened. will all we know is that stock trading for nasdaq -listed stocks did cease for about three hours today. now, prices in the names you mentioned and other names were not impacted and with about 30 days left in trading, there was a resumption. however, many market participants are calling this yet another black eye for not only the nasdaq but for this highly technical style of trading that we have driven into. remember, with facebook and their ipo there was a problem. we had, of course, the big flash crash on may 6th in 2010 . many saying that, while underlying prices, lester, may not have been affected, it is yet another black eye to electronic trading as well