Nightly News   |  August 23, 2013

Wet weather heads West, but will miss fire zone

A deep surge of tropical moisture is heading into the West, but will not drench the heart of the fire zone. The storms are expected to create a flood threat in areas that rarely see so much rain. Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore reports.

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>>> the fire danger continues in to the weekend across a huge part of the country where suddenly it is like the wild, wild west . a dust storm , freak hailstorm and flash flood warnings tonight, all hitting at once. for more on that we go to meteorologist jim cantore at weather channel headquarters. hi, jim.

>> hey, lester. the important thing about california is we haven't gotten in to what is known as the santa ana season for southern california . so you don't see many red dots. all of these dots represent all of the large fires, the dozens of large fires out there. as we get in to this weekend, a deep surge of tropical moisture will come north, across the west. it won't get in the fire zones. it may help a couple of these, but we don't think it will help many. two to three inches of rain. you may not think that is much but there are some places in california and arizona that get two to three inches in a year. this is a tremendous flood threat for the west. let me show you the weather that accompanies moisture in the west. littleton, colorado, this storm got up to eight to ten miles high. instead of producing rain, when it collapsed it produced hail and tons of hail, enough it had to be removed by snowplows in littleton, colorado. off to yuma, arizona, no rain or hail here. we are talking about dust that fell and was pushed from these storms because basically as these storms collapse the air below is too dry. so as we go hurricaneless in the atlantic basin a serious tropical flood threat for the west this weekend and beyond.

>> jim cantore , thanks.