Nightly News   |  August 24, 2013

Florida is running out of sand

It’s not a joke. Storms and developments have caused damaged to the coastal state, which now may have to get sand shipped to its shores from the Bahamas. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> florida's atlantic coast , famous for its surf and sandy beaches but tonight the sands of time are working against the state's famous beaches. here's kerry sanders .

>> reporter: florida 's coastline, 663 miles of signature beaches, but in south florida , a crisis. thanks to storms and development, the sand is disappearing.

>> it is quite a concept, but unfortunately it's true.

>> reporter: and unlike before, pumping sand from offshore back on to the beaches here is no longer an option.

>> the problem is we're running out of sand offshore. we pretty much vacuumed everything up.

>> reporter: officially miami-dade runs out of offshore sand next month. in government meetings, one option discussed is shipping sand in from the bahamas or the turks and caicos islands but shipping sand from the islands is not cheap. one other idea begins with a bottle, when they're empty this glass can be crushed and what does crushed glass looks like? looks and feels like sand.

>> it's fine. it's who homgenous.

>> reporter: he said it would not only work but be the ultimate recycling effort.

>> it's recycling in its purist.

>> reporter: because glass comes from?

>> glass comes from sand.

>> reporter: beach goers can barely tell the difference.

>> doesn't feel like glass.

>> if you want to say it was glad, i really thought it was sand. i think that's great.

>> reporter: florida 's beaches perhaps giving new meaning to walking on broken glass . kerry sanders , nbc news, ft. lauderdale.