Nightly News   |  August 25, 2013

No rain relief in sight for California firefighters

Parts of five western states face flash flooding until Monday, while the Midwest faces a heat wave. Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel reports.

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>> the dense smoke from come from the rim fire is pouring into nevada where the air quality around reno reached the unhealthy concern this weekend. but a bigger concern, heavy rain and the threat of flooding.

>> reporter: unfortunately the rain falling here in the southwest doesn't have a chance of getting that far north , so no relief for the firefighters battling that yosemite fire. back in vegas , we're watching the weather and these washes go down 20, 30 feet and they take all of the storm water out of the city and out to lake immediate. it's been a lack lover rainfall in many areas. look at that loop. the moisture coming in from what was tropical storm ivo off the ghost, that combined with heating and jet stream leading to potential to flash flooding . flash flood watches now in effect for parts of five states. we have flash flood warning out now for parts of vegas on the north side of town. the other big story is in the midwest, heat. in minneapolis, saint paul this afternoon, a record breaking 96. this will be the steamiest week of the summer with heat indices as high as 110. meanwhile back in vegas , clouds and rainfall keep temperatures in check below 100.