Nightly News   |  August 25, 2013

The Pope is calling, no really, he’s calling!

Pope Francis adds his personal touch by calling some parishioners. Aside from having a landline, here are other etiquette guidelines for a phone conversation with the Pope. NBC's Carl Quintanilla reports.

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>>> we saw it on the streets of rio during his pill graham imagine to brazil. pope francis is very much a people person. and now he's found a new way to reach out and touch people.

>> reporter: pope fan assist has proved he has the personal touch. he kissed every baby he could among these crowds. but for those who can't get that close, try writing him a letter and he may just call you in return. this week, this boy was the latest person to receive a call from the vatican. the 19-year-old student set he was lost for words when he herd a voice saying, this was pope francis. they chatted for eight minutes. still surprising despite all the signs since his election in march that the church has a different kind of pope. riding the bus, paying his hotel bill, and keeping his simple plastic watch.

>> he's teaching by his actions. this is how he wants the church to do.

>> reporter: what do you do if he calls? try talking about soccer. the pope loves it. but avoid any scandal for that matter. do ask about his predeassessor, but don't ask for any favors. ? if he called, what would you say to him.

>> i would say, are you sure this is.

>> i would be absolutely surprised that he called me, to take that time out to ring me. it would be an honor.

>> if the pope called, would you believe it was him on the end of the line ?

>> yes, why not.

>> reporter: and remember, it's your land line he will call , not your cell. he's kind of old fashioned that way.