Nightly News   |  August 26, 2013

US strike against Syria ‘not imminent’

Officials says they will provide intelligence to back up their conclusions in coming days regarding the scale of the attack in Syria and its brazen quality. UN inspectors are scheduled to leave on Sunday. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> out of washington regarding possible u.s. action against syria. andrea mitchell , what are you hearing tonight?

>> reporter: officials are telling me, lester they're going to provide intelligence to back up their conclusion in coming days perhaps as early as tomorrow. one reason john kerry was so passionate today, the scale of this attack and its brazen quality. with those inspectors on the ground they say a military option was not automatic. if russia changed its policy or syria acknowledged what it had done we may not need to punish the regime. they have british, french, turkey on board. they hope the arab league will endorse a limited attack not aimed at toppling assad but making it clear the use of chemical weapons on this scale is not acceptable. they have pentagon plans on the shelf for a while. i'm told this is not imminent. they're going to try to organize the allies, notify congress and likely not attack while those u.n. inspectors are still on the ground. they're scheduled to leave sunday. lester.