Nightly News   |  August 27, 2013

Americans react to Syria violence: ‘Somebody’s got to do something’

Many asked about the slaughtering in Syria were torn as to how the U.S. should get involved. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>> the rhetoric for possible military action against syria . a lot of americans are focused on other things like the dwindling days of summer. is there support for a military strike . kevin tibbles went to the minnesota state fair today to see how all this is it playing far from washington.

>> as the late summer heat wave beats down. folks head for the midway, cotton candy , corn dogs , corn on the could be, ice cream , even pickles on a stick. today is also military appreciation day, many vets and their families now worry about alleged chemical attacks in syria . now, what to do with syria , that's the question nobody has the answer.

>> chemical weapons ?

>> that's awful. nobody should use that.

>> should the united states do anything about this?

>> i would like to see them do something, because i think if we don't do something, it's going to turn.

>> somebody's got to do something about it.

>> to me it should be with the allies, otherwise we're going to get involved with something we don't want to get involved in.

>> many fair goers say they're torn about what america should do.

>> we get involved in so many places, we really don't belong.

>> others are dead set against any involvement.

>> we have plenty of our own battles to be fought. we shouldn't be getting into a middle eastern conflict right now.

>> we're involved enough overseas, trying to bring the troops home. let someone else deal with it.

>> reporter: many worry about what might lie ahead.

>> i pray for those guys every night. they're in my prayers.

>> many here have either served or have loved ones serving overseas. they are patriotic, but they are also concerned about any future military conflict . lester?

>> kevin tibbles, thank you.