Nightly News   |  August 27, 2013

Young Syrian refugee finds desperately needed help

A little boy born with a condition that causes his muscles to atrophy fled war-torn Syria with his mother but was turned away from local clinics, and became dangerously thin. Now, thanks to Doctors Without Borders, he is receiving care that might help him walk again. NBC’s Ann Curry reports.

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>>> our final story tonight is about a small but extraordinary ray of hope in a place where there's far too little hope. that syrian refugee camp in jordan. anne curry has the story of one young boy in desperate need of medical attention . and a doctor who's making a difference to help him.

>> on the move, a doctor leads us to one of the most vulnerable here. suleman a refugee himself, was determined to get help for a boy who needed it.

>> when i saw him, the life in my eyes died.

>> the life in your eyes died when you saw him.

>> suleman took us to the boy's mother, she led us down unmarked roads to a place we could not have found by ourselves, into her small shelter. and there he was, his face gone, his arms like twigs. his name is eastbound rah ham. born in syria with a condition that causes his muscles to atrop atrophy. in the past six months, he's lost more than 20% of his body weight . can no longer stand and won't eat.

>> why can't you eat?

>> he says, my stomach feels funny. his mother fears for his life. she says, i'm very sad about my son. his father was killed. since they fled here, she's trying to get help as her son's condition worsens. local clinics turned her away. we suggested a clinic she didn't know about, in this sprawling camp and offered her and ibrahim a ride there. 15 minutes later, at the gates of doctors without borders, a physician admitted him. they'll refer him to a specialist who might one day help him walk again. in the meantime, they offer nutritional supplements and weekly checkups to help him gain weight and get stronger. today, that's enough to give a worried mother and her son hope far from home . ann curry , nbc news jordan.