Nightly News   |  August 28, 2013

Inspired by MLK, dreaming of a new tomorrow

This week NBC News spoke with some of the thousands who traveled to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to take part in the anniversary of Dr. King’s dream.

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>>> we're back with a live look at the nbc news dream project on display at the crossroads of the world 's times square in new york city . all day your tweets have been streaming in using the #dreamday. so many completing the sentence, i have a dream that -- and all week we've spoken with some of the thousands who made the trip here to the national mall to take part in the anniversary of dr. king's dream , telling us their stories, including some who were there to hear it in person 50 years ago.

>> that's your bus. right there.

>> uh-huh.

>> okay.

>> do i have anything?

>> my grandmother told me, she said, guess what? martin luther king will be in town. and we've got to go see him. i said, oh, yes. so we walked to the mall. we didn't live far. and that's where we was amongst a throng of people. i'll be buried in my grave

>> my name is florence lawton, and i am from decatur, georgia. i just never dreamed that i would see this day come in my lifetime, and i want to be able to participate.

>> we made it. we're here. 50 years ago!

>> 50 years ago, two other guys and myself were the first three people it arrive here. we started from gaston, alabama, and it was our job to put together all of those professional signs that you see.

>> my name is robert abel , and 50 years ago, i was here for the march on washington . i'm sure i touched every last one of those signs. his truth is marching on amen

>> i have a dream .

>> i have a dream .

>> i have a dream .

>> i have a dream that we will stop focusing on material things and start loving and caring for each other.

>> i have a dream that