Nightly News   |  August 29, 2013

Obama confident about Syrian government’s involvement

The White House believes the evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its citizens is clear cut. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>> as we mentioned at the top of the program, the white house tonight is briefing top members of congress about how it will justify a strike on the assad regime. our chief white house correspondent chuck todd joins us with the latest on that. chuck, what are you hearing?

>> i can tell you this, lester, the white house spent almost all day trying to calm down the jitters of member of congress. tonight, about 20 key members of congress are getting briefed on all aspects of the situation by the president's closest advisers, including susan rice , and the vice chair of the joint chiefs . what the white house hopes the briefing tonight will do will ratchet back the congressional public skepticism about the president's military plan. the white house believes the case against assad is clear oh cut, and here's why. nbc learned the key piece of evidence the president has to prove assad 's regime was behind the attack was an intercepted communication saying assad 's brother personally ordered the attack. that's why, lester, the president is so confident about where he stands on this.