Nightly News   |  August 29, 2013

In Syria, anxiety and apprehension about possible missile strike

Some worry any strikes could hit chemical weapons stockpiles and send poisonous gas throughout Damascus. Bill Neely reports.

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>> the read from syria in all this. in and around the city of damascus , the people who live there faced with the decision whether to leave or hunker down ahead of any possible strike on any number of potential targets by the u.s. tonight bill neely has made his way inside damascus to get a firsthand look at what's happening on the ground there.

>> reporter: no question there is anxiety, apprehension about what missiles might rain down on this city, and when, and yet by its standards, it's been a fairly normal day in damascus . the traffic is still flowing, shops have been open. and there is shelling in the suburbs. in fact, just a few seconds ago there was a boom. we saw shelling, plumes of smoke in a suburb hit by chemical weapons last week. but there is anxiety here. big ur cues at the border, people endured the conflict here finally leaving. that attacks on arm sites might hit stockpiles and send gases across the city. there's also a little bit of worry that the inspectors are leaving one day early. echoes of baghdad ten years ago when the inspectors got a tip-off, left hastily and a few hours later the air strikes started. one government official today said to me, we are expecting an attack. we know it's going to come. we just don't know when. back to you, lester.

>> bill neely in damascus . there's