Nightly News   |  August 29, 2013

What the NFL’s $765 million settlement really means

The NFL head-trauma settlement includes $10 million for a  research and education fund. But, is that enough to make a difference? NBC’s Bob Costas reports.

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>>> for more on this settlement, let's bring in our friend bob costas from nbc sports , who's doing baseball duty up in boston tonight. bob, i want to briefly get your thoughts on this deal and what it means to the sport of football and those who play it.

>> reporter: well, it closes a chapter, but it doesn't close the book. it's an ongoing problem, no matter how successful and popular the nfl may be, the sport is inherently brutal. many football fans are of a mind that goes this way. i'll continue to watch football, but some of them are saying, i'm not going to let my son play football. and participation in youth football is down measurably over the last three years, as information about head injuries becomes more generally known. and so the nfl has to be concerned about that. not only for its own participants, but for players potentially coming up. and that concern, i think is on two levels. a genuine human concern, but also a compelling business concern. no matter how popular they are, this is something that could erode that popularity if they don't continue to deal with it.

>> bob, good to see you tonight. thanks.