Nightly News   |  August 29, 2013

Brian Williams offers update on his condition

Brian Williams sat down with Dr. Nancy Snyderman to discuss his recovery from knee surgery. He's been given the all-clear to return to work soon.

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>>> we've got good news to report tonight. when folks return for their end of summer break on labor day , a good friend of ours will be coming back to work as well. brian has been given the all-clear from his doctors after knee replacement surgery just over three weeks ago. our own doctor, nancy sniderman met imwith him at the jersey shore .

>> i expected a -- may i come back at two weeks? can i push to three? but i have to commend you. you've done this right.

>> i have worked hard with a lot of help from really good physical therapists. you have to be a motivated patient, and i was a motivated patient. i was motivated to get out of 30 years of knee pain.

>> what have you heard from people? because i know the letters and well wishes, they came flooding in very fast.

>> i swear i've heard from every knee replacement recipient among our viewership for "nightly news." it's been hugely helpful.

>> see much more of the interview on our website tonight, nbc nightly, and you can see brian right here tuesday night.