Nightly News   |  August 29, 2013

Valerie Harper’s cancer ‘close to remission’

She was given between three and six months to live, but actress Valerie Harper has defied the odds. “A lot of stuff that looks impossible is not,” she says. NBC’s Meredith Vieira reports.

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>>> finally tonight, the brave fight of a beloved television star. americans fell in love with valerie harper as rhoda on the mary tyler moore show and later in her spin-off. she was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer. since then, something extraordinary happened. and she's already beating the odds. we get her story tonight from nbc 's meredith vieira .

>> we're all going to go. but because i've been told i have a finite time by my doctors, i just want to live every moment to the fullest.

>> when valerie harper 's lung cancer spread to the membranes surrounding her brain, doctors told her she would likely only have three to six months to live. that was in january. but harper held out hope.

>> spoin tan use remission lives as a possibility. you know what i mean , girlfriend? i mean it. a lot of stuff that looks impossible is not.

>> i've got to lose tep pounds by 8:30.

>> the iconic actress who spent so much of her life in front of the cameras, gave an inside look at her day-to-day fight for survival. for months we've been with her, kron klg her journey through a terminal diagnosis, as she undergoes chemotherapy. we were with her in june at the end of her three to six-month prognosis as she and her husband, tony, await the results of a crucial mri.

>> i'm not expecting good news. i'm a little nervous. to tell the truth.

>> dr. ronald latally delivers the news.

>> improved.

>> really?

>> wow.

>> really?

>> are you kidding? wow.

>> the oncologist explains the results to all of us.

>> we no longer see this mass right here. i'd say that we're getting pretty close to a remission.

>> wow. that's amazing.

>> did you even think she would be here at this point?

>> that defies the odds.

>> that's great to hear.

>> she's well aware her condition could change at any time.

>> it's not curable. there's no question. it has to be managed.

>> yeah, but going from having three months to live, or less, we're into our sixth month. and now there's even hope beyond that. right now we're looking at -- i never planned on this. this is overwhelming.

>> for now, she and her husband have hope. meredith vieira , nbc news, new york.

>> you can see more of valerie's story, a meredith vieira special when it airs thursday, september 19th , 10:00 p.m . eastern here on nbc .