Nightly News   |  August 30, 2013

What would a Syrian strike involve?

NBC News analyst Jack Jacobs explains how a U.S. missile strike against Syria would work.

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>> a lot of questions tonight on what a u.s. strike on syria might involve and some of the risks involved. for more on that, let's bring in retired army colonel and nbc analyst jack jacobs . thanks for being here. the administration laid out a compelling moral justification for acting, but in pure practical terms, what might be some of the advice the president is getting from generals about the downside to all this?

>> when asked whether or not they can attack on these limited objectives, the answer will be, of course, we k. they probably also offered the following advice. it is not to depose assad and it's not going to make him stop killing syrians. as a matter of fact, it may encourage him to view his being in a situation where he'll increase the attacks on his own people. i think their judgment will be that it is, it has no strategic objective other than fulfilling the requirement that we said we were going to do it and so now we're going to do it.

>> jack jacob's, appreciate your analysis. thank you.