Nightly News   |  August 30, 2013

No holiday for wildfire firefighters

Firefighters continue to labor against the blaze known as the “Rim Fire.” It is growing as much as 3,000 acres an hour and now covers 200,000 acres. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> in cool tonight, the massive wildfire burning around i don't want national park has now charred hundreds of thousands of acres. while the park is opened to visitor this labor day weekend . the fires and smoke have forced road and bridges and businesses are feeling the heat . nbc is in california tonight.

>> reporter: 30 miles from where the rim fire chews through forest land tonight, the his tore sound is safe but not out of danger. this community, a doorstep to i don't mean national park is usually packed with tourists on labor day weekend . but today, late speeches and businesses are deserted. the hotel charlotte is empty, but the can sellation book is filling up.

>> we've had over 130 cancellations here since the beginning of the fire.

>> reporter: with road blocks suting down access to rivers, stephen welsh worries his rafting business may go under.

>> probably 50 or 20% of our season was lost to the fires. r.

>> reporter: still, these ladies were not going to prevent their time.

>> the fire and smoke won't prevent us. it's beautiful up here.

>> reporter: but the monita fire is massive, growing as much as 3,000 acres an hour some days, the blaze is now up to 200,000 acres, larger than the cities of san jose , san francisco and oakland combined.

>> even though it's a holiday, you work around the clock?

>> we work around the clock seven days a week until it is put out.

>> reporter: hop scotching through the wilderness the rim fire can be seen and felt hundreds of miles away , taking more than just land, now threatenning tourism on this holiday weekend. nbc news, outside, i don't want national park .