Nightly News   |  September 03, 2013

Brian Williams returns to ‘Nightly News’

‘Nightly News’ host Brian Williams returns to the desk after undergoing knee replacement surgery.

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>>> finally, back here tonight, while a lot of americans spent this labor day weekend at the beach, at the lake, stuck on the interstate or bbqing in the backyard. there was something of a bbq saturday night in the black rock desert of nevada. they burned a tall wooden man, marking the end of the burning man festival. the annual week long communal celebration of just about everything. this year it drew just under 70,000 free spirits in the dusty scorching heat. the retired four- star general wesley clark was reportedly spotted in the crowd this year, along with some other celebs, and that has led to fears it's going too mainstream. either way, if you know someone who went missing for a while and just returned to work today tanned and rested, there's a good chance they're just back from burning man, and oh, how i wish that was my excuse. as you may know, a month ago at this very moment i was in the recovery room after getting my knee replaced. i have been cleared back to active duty with some limitations. during my four weeks of rehab, i heard from a lot of you, a lot of my fellow knee recipients and it cheered me on and cheered me up greatly. i am in lester holt 's debt, now he is taking the well deserved break as we begin a new month and a busy season. and so, that is nightly news for this post labor day tuesday september 3rd , i'm brian williams , thank you for being here with us. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. good night.